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 Pastor Timothy Thunberg, Greensburg FMC Church & PSC

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Pastoral Support Coordinator-PSC

The Harvest Conference values our Pastors and their families, and we recognize now more than ever the difficulties our Pastors are faced with. The world and culture are changing at a pace like never before, this affects our churches, neighborhoods, ministries, and families. Pastors and their families need help to cope with this constant state of change and the stresses it causes. 

This is why we are proud to support a new ministry under the leadership of Pastor Timothy Thunberg, of our Greensburg church.

In this ministry, Tim will be an advocate for pastors and their families in both clinical and practical ways. Providing proactive pastoral support to pastors and their families. 

We hope that through this ministry Pastors and their families will feel supported, receive help, tools, and guidance when needed, and thrive in both their personal lives and in their ministries!

For more on The PSC program check out the links and videos on this page!

What's PSC?

For more details about PSC and how Tim might be able to help watch the introduction video below! 

Pastoral Support Resources

Please find below links to two brief and helpful assessments that pertain to anxiety and depression. If you have not previously completed these assessments, they should require no more than 5 minutes of your time to fill out. Your responses provide me with valuable insights into your current levels of anxiety and depression, and help me to monitor these symptoms to ensure they do not become too severe. Please be assured that all responses are completely confidential, and will be sent directly to my email address. They will not be shared with anyone else. Also below you will find helpful resources to assist with you any suicidal individuals you may be working with (or may work with in the future).

Terms related to Suicide

County Crisis Hotline (PA, & National Line)

Safety Plan Example 



These and other resources can be found on the Band App. Join today!

Band App Link: 

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