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Employment Oppurtunity

Denomination Staff Position

The Free Methodist Church, USA is seeking a full-time Chief Operating Officer for the World Ministries Center in Indianapolis. The position requires on-site work, and relocation is necessary.

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for providing leadership and administrative oversight to the FMCUSA. Their primary role is to align the functions of the World Ministry Center with the mission and vision of the church. The COO reports to the Lead Bishop and the Board of Bishops (BOB) in the first instance, and then to the Board of Administration (BOA).


The COO is responsible for:
•     Creating a culture that reflects our commitment to excellence, emotional and spiritual health, 
and a service-first mindset when it comes to working with its partners (BOB, Superintendents, 
Area Directors, Conferences, etc).
•     The oversight and coordination of the various teams at the World Ministries Center (“WMC”), 
including Administration, Communications, Finance, Human Resources, IT, and World Missions.
•     Exploring innovative ways to better steward our physical, financial, and human resources for 
maximum missional impact.
•     Serving on the Executive Leadership Team (XLT) as a partner bringing synergy between the 
WMC and the implementation of the bishops’ vision and strategy.
•     The implementation and administration of assigned strategies and initiatives created by 
the BOB, the BOA, or the General Conference as requested by the BOB or BOA.
•     Protecting the assets of the church by monitoring and proactively guarding its 
legal affairs.

• Build, grow, and nurture a team of passionate, competent professionals who understand how 
their specific roles contribute to the overall mission of FMCUSA.
•     Set goals, review, adjust for effectiveness, and celebrate with the team leaders.
•     Create and maintain systems to oversee and maximize resources of the FMCUSA.
•     Chair and meet regularly with the Operating Committee for the purposes of evaluating the overall health of the WMC, identifying areas of concern within or between departments, and collaborating on ways to harness the full potential of the WMC in service to its partners.
•     Assist the bishops and the BOA, as requested, in strategic planning for the organization.
•     Create tactical plans as necessary to accomplish strategic initiatives and the vision of the FMCUSA.

•     Be a model of a disciple who loves God and loves people, and who leads by prayer and dependence on God.
•     Focus the FMCUSA team on servanthood, to meet the needs of ministry partners, including the Board of Bishops and Board of Administration, conferences and superintendents, area directors, pastors and missionaries, congregants, auxiliary ministries, and the global Free Methodist Church.

•     Encourage, model, and facilitate regular and thorough communication among the WMC staff.
•     Ensure effective communication between the FMCUSA and its partners.
•     Communicate and maintain a focus on the culture of the FMCUSA as expressed in The Free Methodist Way and the vision of the church.

•     Communicate with and report regularly to the Lead Bishop and the Board of Bishops.
•     Report to the BOA regarding operations, financial and legal matters. 
•     Serve as a staff liaison between the BOA and the WMC staff as appropriate.
•     Generate expanded data and management tools for the bishops, department heads, and other leaders.

•     See that the necessary resources are available to accomplish the vision and goals put into place by the bishops.
•     Work with the BOB, the BOA Finance Committee, and the appropriate personnel, to generate 
strategies and systems to adequately fund the operations of the FMCUSA and its missions.
•     Operate the FMCUSA at a profit (an annual “increase in net assets”).
•     Work with the Finance Department to streamline processes in both the creation of budgets and 
operation within the budgets.
•     Oversee the delivery of accurate, timely financial information.
•     Interface with the Free Methodist Foundation (“FMF”) and work with WMC staff to manage 
and oversee all financial, investment, and business planning activities of the FMCUSA.
•     Provide overall financial oversight and monitoring.

Operations And Controls:
•     Ensure that the operating objectives and standards of performance are understood and owned by all WMC staff and that effective means exist to evaluate and communicate 
individual performance.
•     Negotiate contracts and work with vendors to achieve terms favorable to the FMCUSA.
•     See that neither employees nor policies violate laws or ethical standards so that the church 
operates at the highest level of integrity and minimizes potential risks and liabilities.
•     Work with those concerned to oversee maintenance and improvements of the physical plant and its infrastructure.

Other Duties:
•     Oversee the implementation of initiatives mandated by Resolutions from General Conference as requested by the BOB or the BOA.
•     Oversee the employment (hiring and dismissal) of all Finance and Operations staff as well as 
assist Bishops and Directors in processing the same. 
•     Shepherd, lead or facilitate specific projects as requested by the BOB or the BOA.
•     Other responsibilities as may be requested by the BOB or Lead Bishop.

Qualifications And Demonstrated Abilities/Skills
•     A great faith in, and love for Jesus Christ and the church.
•     Strategic ability to lead through change.
•     Strong organizational and communication skills.
•     Understanding of basic financial practices and legal procedures.
•     Ability to focus teams on successfully accomplishing tasks.
•     Ability to multi-task.

Physical Demands:
•     Regularly required to talk, hear, see, and use hands and fingers to operate a computer 
keyboard and telephone. Ability to travel. 

Work Environment:
•     Regular interaction with Customers and staff. The noise level in the office work environment is 
usually low. Occasional travel is required.
•     Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform 
the primary functions.

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